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Birla Alokya by Birla developers is a prime residential Villaments located to precision at Soukya road in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Bangalore, as an emerging city has encouraged residents from all income groups to consider buying a home. To complement this fact, Birla developers have come up with a fascinating project named Birla Alokya which offers nothing but happiness and utmost fulfillment. With high-rise buildings that are spread across 7.9 acres, one can expect a sustainable environment.

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Birla Alokya

Real estate property investment possibilities at Whitefield, Bangalore

Birla Alokya by the famed Birla group of developers is a prime residential property located to absolute precision at Soukya road in Whitefield, Bangalore. The project offers 3 and 4 BHK villaments which is unique of its kind. The property is spread over 7.9 acres so customers at site could explore and make the most of the space and resources provided. Whitefield, over the past few years has transformed into a marvelous property investment destination. The area enjoys impeccable green cover backed up with pristine water bodies. Moreover, there are tons of opportunities in Whitefield in terms of high profiled employment prospects. Interlinked with other prominent parts of the city, the area provides seamless connectivity benefits which enhances or influences key purchase decisions. Birla Alokya is close to some of the prestigious educational and medical institutions. This helps residents to be sure to provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. With flawless amenities and unique floor plans designs, customers are Birla Alokya are heading towards ideal and constructive investment decisions. Birla Alokya has also employed a customer-centric approach. Meaning, residents are welcomed to the experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or take a tour of the property. This eventually establishes long-lasting relationships for future business prospects. Rest assured, working or investing with Birla Alokya is nothing short of ideal.

Location is by far the most important part of a residential project. It would eventually determine the extent of connectivity to the rest of the city. The location would also determine the level of infrastructure development and price of the property. Whitefield, the location of Birla Alokya is located to precision and encourages residents from different income levels to consider investing. Whitefield, for the most part is engulfed by prominent IT tech parks that employ a majority of the city’s IT crowd. This way investing at an early stage could help residents double up on a secondary investment. With areas like Marathahalli, HSR and Bellandur in close proximity, alternatives are many, which contributes to profitable property purchase decisions.

Let’s now shift our focus to the amenities at the project. Like the location of any residential property, the amenities would enhance the level of comfort and safety within the premises. This also saves time as residents needn’t travel far out distances for basic conveniences. Birla Alokya has framed strategies to provide amenities that are the best-in-class and are in line with industry standards. From a fascinating clubhouse to round the clock security services, the project provides the best of both worlds.

Rate of infrastructure development at Whitefield

Land appreciation and rental returns in investment would depend on the rate of infrastructure development. An area that does not welcome surrounding infrastructure development would eventually reap lesser returns and would involve risks in the future. Whitefield, over the years has witnessed substantial amount of residential and commercial infrastructure growth which is healthy for the industry. For the past few years, the demand for commercial spaces has increased multifold. Developers in Whitefield are now encouraged to launch co-working and living spaces that are the need of the hour. This has evidently helped change current property trends for formidable returns in the years to come. Foreign investments by NRI’s has upscaled the market conditions, which has resulted in IT infrastructure growth. Also, residents can choose from alternatives. There are residential properties that are affordable on one hand and on the other, one can find luxurious properties that cater to specific investment requirements.

Realty price trends at Whitefield- What can investors expect?

Property prices are the deciding factor for any investor. There are conditions that affect realty prices. For a first-time investor, consulting with professional realty agencies is a bonus as they understand key specifics and design prospective strategies. With the establishment of prestigious schools, colleges and medical institutions, property prices at Whitefield has increased to astonishing levels. This has encouraged residents to invest at an earlier stage so they can look for potential tenants for a secured and hassle-free investment experience. Recent reports showcase that the price per sq.ft at Whitefield ranges from Rs. 3472- Rs. 13579 per sq.ft while the average price per sq.ft is about Rs. 10680.79 per sq.ft. Birla Alokya price comes under affordable segment

Considering Whitefield as your investment option- Profitable or risky?

Property investments are generally long-term in nature. As opposed to other forms of investments like Mutual funds and Stock market trade, investing your hard-earned money into the realty market can reap surplus benefits for a secured lifestyle. Whitefield offers the best of both worlds. Birla Alokya, located to precision at an emerging area in Whitefield provides the best of amenities, floor plans and open areas for an eco-friendly experience. They have partnered with the finest of architects who are committed to deliver spaces without compromising on resident safety and well-being. Residents can opt for budget-friendly properties or rely on high-priced properties for utmost luxury. With an equal balance maintained, the property market is expected to grow and contribute demands for surplus housing structures.

Factors to keep in mind before investing at Whitefield

There are several aspects that collective result in profitable property investments. Residents, who are new to the experience should emphasize on the location, connectivity, infrastructure development, price trends and builder recognition. Whitefield is renowned for its connectivity benefits as there are numerous BMTC bus and taxi routes. This negates the influence of pollution and promotes the importance of utilizing public transport. Also, there are project which are already constructed and ready to move. This is a good idea if residents need to occupy the space themselves for better commute benefits to their workplace. On the other hand, if you are looking for rental gains, one can choose from under-construction projects. This would give you sufficient amount of time to allocate your funds and look for tentative clients.

Proximity from Whitefield to Yelahanka

Yelahanka, for the past few years has transformed into an emerging commercial locality. There are developers who are focusing on key markets to cater to rising demands for affordable housing spaces. As there are independent plots for sale around Yelahanka, property prices rise at a constant rate. The distance between Yelahanka and Whitefield, the location of Birla Alokya is about 34 Km’s which takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes. There are alternative routes via Whitefield main road which takes about an hour and is about 30 Km’s far. This is a bonus as residents can choose among alternatives for convenient and safe commute benefits.

Connectivity between Bannerghatta main road and Whitefield

Bannerghatta main road has transformed into a fascinating realty investment destination. The presence of institutions like IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and Hospitals like Apollo has increased the rate of infrastructure development. Also, the upcoming metro station at Bannerghatta main road is certain to strengthen commute advantages. The overall distance between Bannerghatta main road and Whitefield is about 37 Km’s via state highway 35 and 42 Km’s via national highway 44. These are the alternatives available based on the nature of traffic.

Distance between Electronic City and Birla Alokya

Electronic City is considered as a prime IT hub. There are some of the best IT companies that have set base, which has paved the way for high paying employment prospects and IT infrastructure growth. Recent reports suggest that Electronic City is the prime choice for most of the city’s IT crowd because of the connectivity benefits offered. The distance between Electronic City and Birla Alokya via the Sarjapur-Attibele road is bout 40 Km’s and takes about an hour approximately. Meanwhile, residents can take the Hosur route and reach in almost the same time depending on how the traffic pans out.

Connectivity benefits from Koramangala to Birla Alokya

Koramangala is a locality that provides equal opportunities in terms of residential and commercial infrastructure development. With entertainment multiplexes and shopping malls that encourage majority of the city’s young crowd, Koramangala is most often than not, the prime choice for employment. The distance between Koramangala and Birla Alokya is about 24 Km’s via national highway 44 that takes about 1 hour based on the time and nature of traffic. Other alternative routes would be via Varthur road which is a kilometer less.

Connectivity between Sarjapur road and Birla Alokya

Sarjapur offers promising employment prospects in the IT sector. The location is engulfed by some of the most fascinating residential structures and shopping multiplexes for entertainment benefits. With the demand for residential properties rising, Sarjapur has encouraged prominent builders to come up with new projects in order to cater to affordable requirements. The overall distance estimated between Sarjapur road and Birla Alokya is about 17 Km’s via state highway 35 and takes around 40 minutes. Other alternate routes include the one via Sarjapur main road which takes about 50 minutes. These options matter as residents can select the most convenient route for a safe commute experience.

Devanahalli to Birla Alokya- How does one get there?

Devanahalli is a prime locality that has witnessed rising levels of residential and commercial infrastructure development. Residents from various income groups are encouraged to invest their hard-earned money or possibly relocate for employment reasons. The estimated distance from Birla Alokya to Devanahalli is about 40 Km’s which takes around an hour. One can get to Birla Alokya from Devanahalli via state highway 104 and national highway 648 that takes about little more than an hour to be precise. Devanahalli, which houses the International Airport has a lot to offer in terms of land appreciation and commute benefits. Therefore, investing with Birla Alokya at Koramangala is an ideal choice.

MG Road to Birla Alokya- Connectivity benefits

MG road is considered to be commercial and recreational hub in Bangalore. The location offers commercial property investments and houses some of the most prominent shopping multiplexes for weekend fun. Also, metro services from MG road to other parts of the city is another reason why the area has so much to offer. Connectivity-wise, there are frequent BMTC bus and taxi services so residents can go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. The average distance from MG Road to Birla Alokya is about 24 Km’s and takes little more than an hour via HAL old Airport road. It takes close to 1 hour and 11 minutes if you plan on travelling from Whitefield main road or via national highway 44. With options available to save time, investing with Birla Alokya is an added advantage.

Distance between Birla Alokya and Jayanagar

Birla Alokya in Whitefield offers a ton of benefits when it comes to connectivity. It has also enhanced neighborhood infrastructure development which contributes to healthy and profitable returns on investment. Jayanagar, on the other hand is surrounded by IT infrastructures and locations that provide recreational amenities for a hassle-free living experience. The overall distance between Birla Alokya and Jayanagar is approximately 30 Km’s that takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Also, one can access Whitefield main road and reach Birla Alokya by an hour and 25 minutes which comes up to 28 Km’s.

Indiranagar to Birla Alokya- Proximity benefits

Working around Indiranagar as an IT professional is a great option as there are several prominent localities in close proximity. Other than IT infrastructure growth, Indiranagar has attracted NRI investors who are keen on purchasing commercial properties that are certain going to appreciate in value overtime. The distance between Indiranagar and Birla Alokya is about 21 Km’s and takes around an hour based on traffic conditions.

Hosur road to Birla Alokya- Distance parameters

Hosur road is surrounding by some of the prominent industrial areas. With automobile and pharmaceutical manufacturing giants like Ashok Leyland and Biocon into the picture, Hosur has witnessed an astonishing rise in residential and commercial property development. Also, with the availability of independent plots of land for sale, investment prospects increase. The distance from Hosur road to Birla Alokya is about 33 Km’s and via Huskur road, one can reach the property in about 1 hour and 8 minutes depending on the traffic condition.

Distance between Marathahalli and Birla Alokya- Why investing in Whitefield is a good idea

Marathahalli has provided profitable opportunities in terms of residential and commercial investments. Also, there are prime IT tech parks that employ a majority of the city’s IT crowd. Marathahalli is also well-connected to localities like Sarjapur and HSR Layout that provide high land appreciation rates. Residents can get to Birla Alokya from Marathahalli in about 45 minutes which comes to about 14 Km’s. The benefits in connectivity would help first-time property investors look for potential clients for financially secured future.

The main important reasons for the development of IT offices and other commercial endowments along Whitefield can be given to its excellent connectivity with core business hubs of the city & availability of high skilled workforce from the adjoining IT parks and residential areas.
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Birla Alokya Villamentshave devised strategies wherein the open spaces within the premises are thoughtfully utilized to provide comfortable living experiences. With flawless amenities that help in establishing a safe and secured environment, one can be sure of unhindered benefits. Birla Alokya is Pre-Launching 3 and 4 BHK Luxurious Villaments in Bangalore’s IT Hub, Whitefield.

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